Saturday, February 16, 2019

Myne Owne Ground Essay -- American History Slavery

Myne Owne GroundAnthony Johnson was a black man who arrived in Virginia around 1621 and was purchased to last as a slave in the tobacco fields of the Bennett Plantation. At that time he was merely known as Antonio a negro, as it wasnt common for black slaves to wealthy person last names. On March 22nd, 1622, an Indian attack on the Bennett plantation left only 12 surviving slaves, one of them being Anthony. In that same family a cleaning lady named Mary arrived at the plantation. Being that she was the only woman living at the Bennett plantation in 1625, Anthony could be considered fortunate to have received her as his wife. Together they had at least four children. It isnt known how Anthony received his full name of Anthony Johnson, but the time that it is believed that this happened leaves several(prenominal) clues for speculation. It is presumed that someone named Johnson helped Anthony and his wife escape to freedom, apparently sometime between 1625 and 1650. In th e 1640s it is believed that Anthony and his family owned a small farm in Northamton where they elevated livestock, which was mostly des...

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