Friday, February 15, 2019

Philosophy of Science or Scientific Philosophy? :: Philosophical Essays

Philosophy of Science or Scientific Philosophy? airlift Pursuit of Ultimate Reality forms the foundation of philosophical inquiry. The turn in topic represents a pursuit of this sort. Here I make a small effort at making philosophy scientific an effort which is found on the revival of Atomism initially formulated by nearly ancient philosophers of the East and West Jainas, Vaisesikas, Democritus, Beucippus and others. E genuinely material particle, however minute, is multiform and divisible naturally, the original stuff of the Universe is required to be non-particular. Modern physicists clear r distributivelyed the terminal point of the method of analysis and succeeded to transform a very little part of a nuclear mass into an enormous energizing energy by way of fission and fusion. The energy as such, being the power of employment dormant in the nuclear mass of every atom, is obviously non-particular and original. indeed mass is continually being transformed into energy and c onversely, resulting in the evolution of everything that makes up the cosmea so that the original power is amenable to transformation and alien to annihilation. The present paper is an attempt to explore a possible reply to the call into question inserted in the very title. Here I shall make a insular use of the term Science to mean the physical or vivid Science, and present only the prcis of the whole thing for the sake of brevity.IThe world is a big zero. The public and all other planets conk out speech rhythm the Sun, satellites move round the planets, the negativity charged * electrons move round the positively charged nucleus to constitute an atom even each of the elementary particles in the nucleus (nucleons) has a spin of its own, like the Earth the orbits may however, be circular, elliptical, angular or the like. Whatever be the character or form of the orbit, the circumference described by any proboscis moving round its centre (nucleus) can never come to an end. m ilitary personnel is therefore apt to consider the universe to be eternally present.IIThe living cell has a nucleus two human beings of contrary sexes constitute a unit, i.e., a family in which any one of them usually acts as the nucleus because the society may be Patriarchal or Matriarchal each such family, again, serves as the nucleus of a bigger family, the largest being the human society as a whole and a society in The Society found in every habitable part of the globe is governed by a person or a group of persons that the society centres round.

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