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Read analyzes the opening move of manipulating a persons memory by simply allowing the persons own skills of relating memories against them. When a something influences what a person remembers the resulting effect is false memories. A false memory is the apparent recall of an instance that did not actually happen. A person unremarkably associates words and items together, making intrusions of false words easy. Subjects often hold confidently that the words they recall were all actually on the call express to them. Read demonstrated the ability to create these false memories in batch by doing two experiments. In his first experiment Read consume a inclining of 12 words to his subjects a class of 41 introductory psychology students. The list was comprised of slumber, tired, rest, night, dark, comfort, sound, eat, bed, snore, dream and awake After the variation of the list there was a five minute filled desist before the participants were then asked to recall as many words fr om the list as possible in three minutes. The participants were asked to rate between a one and a five for each word in hostel to reflect their confidence that the word was actually in the list of 12 one being no confidence and five being highly confident. Like other experiments done in the past Read asked the participants to depute whether the actually recall hearing the word or, instead, simply knew that it had been part of the list. The terce thing that was asked of the participants was to state whether or not they remembered something strange about how the list of words was said, such as the sound, timing of when each word was said, and berth in the list. To finish this first experiment Read had the participants assign a number between one and twelve to each recall... ...ter than the experimenter. I do not doubt the findings that Read found because I believe this subject to be reliable and valid. Though I think the actual pen out of the results could have been done in a more strategic way so that they were easier to follow. I think the Read went wrong when he did not go into detail about his participants because of this it is hard to determine generalizability. plane with these desired changes I believe that overall this article and study to be an educational benefit to those who read it. ReferencesDon Read, J. (1996). From a passing archetype to a false memory in 2 minutes misidentify real and illusory events. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 3(1), 105-111. Retrieved from http//

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