Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Process of Essay Writing Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Process of Writing - Essay Example Initially, in order to decide the central idea, the writer needs to think what the purpose of writing the essay is (Carter, 2006). A further step is to identify the audience/readers whom the writing is intended to address. Once these two matters are determined, a thesis sentence can be made without any uncertainty. The thesis statement must be potent enough for exploration. See one thesis statement; ‘today the balance between work and play/recreation is not found in a justifiable ratio in the lives of professionals’. This assertion clearly indicates what the writer has determined to describe in the coming paragraphs. In other words, the following part of the essay is solely dedicated to establishing this opinion. Obviously, the writer needs to bring supporting evidence and reasons to strengthen his view because it can have an inevitably refuting opinion. However, the introduction is exclusively meant for clearly stating the writers view before entering a deeper level of thinking. In fact, the initial step of writing an essay is to create a draft or a master plan. The purpose of the draft is to organize the total content and structure of the essay since the thesis statement to the conclusion (Tarafder, 2009). It takes in various supporting ideas and examples that have to be presented in the following paragraphs. The writer can make a collection of appropriate phrases that would modify the chosen topic. For instance, consider some keywords that can be used for the above-mentioned topic; hectic schedule, stress, and strain, amusement, pleasure, exhausted, revitalize, fatigue, turmoil, physical requirement, enhances immunity etc.

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