Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Historical Research Method Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Historical Method - Research Paper Example The historical research method applies to all study fields because it covers their origins, development, theories, crisis, and personalities (Golder, 2011). Both qualitative and quantitative variables can be utilized in the collection of historical data. The historical research method comprises the guidelines and techniques by which researchers use primary, secondary, and other sources to research and document history. There is an increasing need for a historical perspective in business and business management. It is anticipated that a â€Å"historic turn† might aid the study of business less deterministic and more humanistic, ethical, and managerially relevant (Clarke, 2009). The methodology applied There is no specific way of conducting historical research, though the following steps must be followed Identification of research topic and formulating the research question This is the first step in any academic research. Researchers obtain their topic concepts distinct sources such as the accomplishments of a person, current issues in education, the relationship between events, and an educational policy or laws (Detzner & Adler, 2010). Data gathering or Literature review This step involves spotting, locating, and collecting data on the research topic. The information sources are contained in documents such as records, newspapers, relics, photographs, and interviews (oral history) with people who have experienced or have knowledge of the research subject. Evaluation and assessment of materials Each data source must be evaluated and assessed for accuracy and authenticity because it can negatively be affected by aspects such as economic conditions, prejudice, and political climate. In addition, it is important to pass sources in either external criticism; the process of determining the trustworthiness, authenticity, or validity, or internal criticism; the process of determining the accuracy or reliability of the information collected. Firsthand information b y event witnesses, for example, are taken as viable or accurate and reliable. Data synthesis and report writing Synthesis are the selecting, structuring, and analyzing the materials gathered into central concepts and topical themes. They joined to form an important and meaningful report for the business. A literature review of where and how historical research method is used in the academic "business" literature This will give a description of the relevant literature in business. Historical research method can be used in market research to enable organizations to stay fine-tuned in business. It can help organizations to penetrate the wants and needs of customers and the techniques of how to meet these desires more effectively and efficiently. The documentation of earlier events may indicate ideas of marketing products, which may be incorporated in the current market. Such ideas make access to customers easy. It is important to analyze the potential competitors that have been in plac e since old times and position an organization properly to remain competitive in the markets (Dona, 2010).  Ã‚  

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