Sunday, August 11, 2019

"why college education is important to me" Essay

"why college education is important to me" - Essay Example College education is important to me because it facilitates the acquisition of life skills that are gained in the common units. For instance, it is mandatory for students to take social skills classes and critical thinking subjects that help them to develop ideas needed to make life decisions. This improves the self-discipline, study behaviors and career insights as the graduates are focused to achieve their intentions (Gardner 2). Having life skills is essential for me to ensure that I am always positive when attending to different affairs. College education is also important to me because it was my dream to attain a professional degree that will enable me to secure a decent job. It is apparent that college graduates earn good salaries compared to high school graduates and unskilled workers (McMahon16). This will be enough to save for future plans and emergencies that might arise as I seek other avenues of having my own firm. I think acquiring a college education equips one with interpersonal skills of interacting with people from distant regions and backgrounds. Professionals are exposed to a variety of experiences and knowledge in their line of duties and interactions. It is also important for me to acquire a college education in order to be competitive in the global job market. Globalization has facilitated the hiring of labor from across the world and I would wish to be among the skilled workers sought by high performing companies (Bowen 62). I aspire to be an all-rounder employee who understands the requirements of different clients. Attaining this experience of adapting to different organizations requires a person who is capable of accepting people from different diversities. Colleges admit students who observe separate cultures where the sharing of ideas and cultural incorporation take place (Bowen 62). I

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