Saturday, August 10, 2019

Business Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Analysis - Essay Example The business will use direct and indirect distribution channels. Direct distribution will distribute to specific clients using online selling and telemarketing to consumers, whereas, on the indirect distribution channels, the products will be distributed through retailers and stores to consumers (MAGAZINE, 2012). To ensure that the business penetrates the market, the business will often undertake promotions such as advertisements and sales promotions to inform and remind clients on the fashion trends and the ultimate goods to new and older customers. The business will provide our broad range of customers with fashionable and quality products and by giving opportunities that will help the business increase its sales volume. To ensure that they the business gains a competitive advantage over other clothing lines, the business has to develop a management that will push the business forward to achieving a high range market. The business will also build trust with the customers and make them understand that the clothing products the business offer are reliable for the growing market thus hoping to build on the strengths and to overcome the weaknesses encountered during the business operations (MAGAZINE, 2012). The fashion industry is a drastically changing one, where trends comes and go, therefore, for a business to succeed in the clothing line industry, one must understand the customers and their tastes and preferences. One must possess the ability to predict the fashion trends before they hit the market, also be creative and flexible in all activities of the business. Therefore, one has to develop working functions of the business, to ensure they capture all the activities of the business that will secure its success. Some of the main business functions are found in the different business process developed for daily business operation (BROWN, 2008, p. 53-56). First, the

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