Monday, June 17, 2019

Declarative Knowledge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Declarative Knowledge - Essay ExampleAs Schraw (2001) explains somewhat the individuals who possess a greater quantity of procedural intimacy. He describes them as having the ability to carry out more errands than others. Declarative knowledge refers to the factual information occupied by a person this type of knowledge can be stated verbally or textually. Declarative knowledge is the most important among the types of knowledge due to the fact that it talks about the thing or process. If a person in unaware of the basic facts about a process or thing he cannot practice it ever. For instance, if you want to measure the slant of a body you must have the knowledge about its measurement tools and units. However, procedural knowledge is the knowledge which tells about carrying out some process. It talks about the how perspective of a process. It tells how to use the formula or a given fact be used in finding something. For e.g. if one knows the formula of locomote he cannot use it dir ectly until he knows the process of using it. Similarly if one would not know the formula i.e. would not have Declarative knowledge, he would not be able to use procedural knowledge. Declarative knowledge at times does not have meaning and are forgotten by the individuals. But at times it is not necessary that this knowledge is forgotten as this type of knowledge is necessary for the individuals.

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