Tuesday, June 18, 2019

About me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

About me - Essay ExampleMy first step was to create a timetable for myself with the appropriate timings for all the different tasks. Though the time table did dispense time but I promised myself that I would stick to it. I allocated a perfect time to all my works according to their importance. Along with this I excessively bought a subtle notebook which could fit into my pocket so that I could carry it anywhere with me. This assisted me in the development of the habit of taking small notes so that I did not forget tasks that needed to be performed.The maintenance of a time table was a crucial step since it assisted me in the further steps that I had to take which included discovering, memory and concentration. I made it a habit to read two pages of the English newspaper so that my reading could improve. Concentration was always a problem and because of that I could not concentrate on my class lectures. To assist in this, I started allocating an hour general to read a book withou t any break. For enhancing my memory I started writing down things at least thrice that I had to learn. If they were lengthy I would read them more than twice so that I could retain them. Also as soon as a test schedule was received I apply to mark it as a top priority on my time table. I also gave my reading time and the time for concentration in this grooming time to read my own text books which would maintain my concentration as well my reading habits.These formulas turned out to be very helpful for me. I excelled in studies with improving grades in every session. Thus proper management and priority of works assists in excelling in ones studies and it is actually act that makes one

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