Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Assessment item Business report on tourism services for local Essay

Assessment item Business report on tourism services for local consumers - Es assert eventis internationally acclaimed says tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying places outside their usual environment for not much than one consecutive yr for leisure, business and other purposes (House of Commons, 23 June 2000). Tourism industry is one of the most important industries for the economy of any country. Huge number of job opportunities has been created by this industry in almost every dowry in the world. This paper focuses on the tourism industry in Hong Kong and a finical tourism operation in the region. Hong Kong Disney land has been chosen as the special tourism operation. The paper include an in depth service marketing analysis which include analysis of 7Ps of service marketing. It is needless to say that this analysis has been done in the context of Hong Kong Disney land.Like any other economy tourism industry is also an important pillar of Hong Ko ng economy. Almost 3.4 per centum countrys GDP is contributed by this industry. More than 190,000 people are employed in tourism industry of Hong Kong and this is almost 5.6 percent of countrys total employment. But recent global financial turmoil has greatly affected the industry. It has been found that tourist arrivals in the first half of the last year were down by almost 3.4 percent. Still there were approximately 8.3 million tourist arrivals in the mainland of Hong Kong in the first six months of 2009. thither are 158 hotels with more than 57588 rooms in Hong Kong. Number of total hotel room has increased by 9.5% from previous year. It is quite expected that Hong Kong government would promote tourism industry as it is a major contributor to the countrys GDP. There is tourism commission that was set up in 1999 with purpose of providing leadership and policy fend for to tourism development in the region. Main objective of this commission is to promote and establish Hong Kong as a premier destination to the business and leisure visitors. There is Hong Kong

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