Thursday, May 23, 2019

Performance and Safety of Hydraulic Turbines

Research PaperM.V. Sai RamAP17110020010Branch ECEHYDRAULIC TURBINESAbstractThe starting part of the paper contains the choice of small turbines for run of the river power imbeds. Then a discussion is given on the optimization of the performance of different types of cock-a-hoop turbines.Finally a discussion on the safety and necessary maintenance of turbines is given with special attention to bolt connections.A set of empirical equations has been developed which defines the visor efficiency and shape of the efficiency curve for hydraulic turbines as a function commissioning date for the unit, rated head, rated rise, runner speed, and runner throat or propensity turbine jet diameter.The aim of this investigation was to develop an environmentally friendly nano -hydraulic turbine utilizing fallss. A model of an impulse type hydraulic turbine constructed and tested with an indoor type waterfall to arrive at an optimum installation condition. Effects of an installation parameter, na mely distance between the rotor and the waterfall on the power performance were studied.The flow field around the rotor was examined visually to clarify influences of installation conditions on the flow field. The flow visualization showed differences of flow pattern around the rotor by the change of flow rate and rotational speed of the rotor.Every single turbine is custom-designed specifically to meet the requirements of a hydroelectric power plant.Performance of a designed turbine is validated, to some(prenominal) extent, by computational fluid dynamics simulations. Field performance testing of hydraulic turbines is undertaken to define the head-power-discharge relationship that identifies the peak operating point of the turbine. This relationship is of the essence(p) for the efficient operation of a hydraulic turbine.The art of hydraulic turbine design never stands still but always progresses. In recent years study emphasis has been on the materials of construction and on suc h features of design as will reduce maintenance work and costly outages in the field.LimitationsHydro power plant or we can say that hydraulic turbines are widely used from the last decades. It is an efficient renewable energy source.There are many up and downs. Hence there Some limitations as shown in below,1.It is a renewable energy source. Water energy can be used again and again.2.the political campaign cost of turbine or less compare to other.3.It has high efficiency.4.It does not pollute environment.5.It is to maintain.

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