Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Great Barrier Reef Essay -- World Heritage Area

The massive Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the natural world. It was declared a man Heritage area in 1981 and added to the National Heritage List in 2007. Unfortunately, the Great Barrier Reef faces many threats. Pollution caused by bet or indirect human activities are study threats to Australian let downs. (source 1). dickens million tourists visit the precious coral reef every year. This is commodious for the saving however it can have huge negative impacts on the coral reef. The tourists are carried around the Great Barrier Reef Marine place (GBRMP) by over 500 commercial vessels which drop fuel, anchors and other forms of contamination that damage the reef. The tourists also break the fragile corals by touching and reef walking as well as contaminating the water with sudation and suntan lotions. (Source 5) Most damage to the reef has occurred in the last cardinal years. It coincided almost exactly with an increase in land clearing (source 11) and the dis appearing of wet lands (source 1) for coastal development followed by population growth (source 7) and terra firma (source 11). These disturbances to the environment damage natural habitats and loosened the sediment causing it to be washed into the ocean. The pollutants and pesticides from realm together with a sharp increase in the use of synthetic nitrogen in fertilizers (source 8) in the last cubic decimetre years sped up inland pollution. The pollutants bind with the sediments creating a sticky bollocks up that covers the coral algae called zooxanthellae killing the coral. Pollutants and sediments also create a foggy cloud in the water blocking out sunlight and preventing photosynthesis. (source 12) obscure from this there is also an increase in marine based pollution such as ship wrecks (source 3) h... ...ince there will be little demand for everything. Some may have to close down and amaze great losses. The social and economic costs are too great to count. T he towns along the Great Barrier Reef will not be as vibrant. Children growing up in these towns will have little job prospects and may not even be allowed to start a new family in their home town because of the population cap. The residents will be furious On top of that, the proposal doesnt tackle the major future threats to the Great Barrier Reef climate change, pollution from farming and tourism. Therefore proposal two is a far more prize management plan for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It has a more balanced approach, taking into consideration all aspects of environmental, social and economic factors. Proposal two is definitely economically more feasible in both short and long term.

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