Thursday, March 21, 2019

Preventing Alcoholism Essay -- Public Health

Introduction Alcoholism affects all elements of health. Overuse of inebriant affects physical health as it affects the functioning of the liver mental health as it affects the ability to think clearly and coherently emotional health as it affects the ability to recognise and express emotions correctly. Social health is touched as alcohol may affect a persons ability to create and maintain relationships, finally and most importantly it affects social health as the individuals actions can have an adverse affect on every genius around them.Alcohol related injuries and diseases are the cause of 207, 800 National wellness Service (NHS) admissions in 2006 compared to 93, 500 in 1996. This increase of more than snow% justifies my health promotion topic. Health promotion to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed by the general public could lead to less people admitted to hospital because of falls due to drunkenness, increased liver health, decreases in the number of cases of coronary h eart disease, liver disease, hypertension, STIs and unplanned pregnancy., The locations chosen were the Accident and Emergency unit of measurement in Bradford Royal Infirmary and a local anesthetic GP. I chose these locations as I felt they were relevant to the promotion of reducing alcohol consumption. If a person fell or was involved in violence composition intoxicated, presumably the friends and relatives of potential patients would be in the accident and emergency unit while waiting for their loved one to be treated. They may split up the leaflet up and recognise the quiz involved relates to their loved one and urge them to get help or at least take with one of the local help groups. The other leaflet was taken from the local health centre, people who are attending would pr... ...hold a health bonny with stalls providing people with information on the adverse affects of drinking, for example a stall taking pictures of peoples faces and then showing the ageing effects tu rn drinking has on their appearance.Works Cited1.http// Accessed on 04/12/2010 2.http// Accessed on 06/12/20103.http// Accessed on 01/12/20104.http// Accessed on 07/12/20105.http// Accessed on 07/12/2010 6.http// Accessed on 07/12/2010

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