Thursday, March 21, 2019

Analysis of the First Two Acts of Brechts The Caucasian Chalk Circle :: The Caucasian Chalk Circle

define shortly after World War two, the Prologue commences with two classs of peasants seated in the ruins of a Caucasian village, presentis a delegate from the State reconstructive memory Commission. We areintroduced to the two parties as they argue the retrieval of a valethe goat herders (on the right) originally owned the land andtherefore believe that as they were there first they should hence keepthe land, whereas the party on the leave (the fruit farmers) argue thatthey could put the land to better use by means of superior production.The delegate moderating the debate chooses the fruit farmers. This demonstration not only sets the forgathers structure but also possesses many communist undert ones as in a capitalist government the land would bereturned to its original owner, yet under Communist supervision thelogical report is to give the land to whoever will put it tothe best use. In graze to celebrate the peaceful resolution to thedispute the peasants on the left wing t in a vocaliser named Arkadi to singa song entitled The chalk Circle. The positioning of the two partieson the stage is very effective, as one immediately comprehends thepolitical significance. The party on the right representing right-wingbeliefs and that of the left conveying that of the communists, thefact that the delegate selects the Communists to receive the landsuggests the topic of the play and the eventual outcome of it,resulting in a foreboding and somewhat enigmatical atmosphere. Theprologue serves as a means for Brecht to present his ideas before theplay essentially commences thus allowing the audience to accept themoral of the play and be attached to acknowledge the Communist messagebefore the actual production begins. The vocalist appears to be symbolicof wisdom throughout the play he narrates the emblem in a lyrical andpoetic fashion with metaphors that offers insight on the variouscharacters feelings and clarification of the various scenes.The prologue appears historically accurate yet the intromission of ActOne presents an entirely different mood the singer causes his fictionto be perceived as a fairytale. By speaking in verse all realism istaken away and the audience is transported to a fabled world createdby the singer. Though not announced, the Acts having titles emphasizesthe storybook theme. The play commences with the singer seated on thefloor surrounded by a group of listeners (the chorus) in his hand is abook, as he commences his tale he does not read from the book butrather narrates from memory the air of his recitation makes itclear that he has told his story over and over again.

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