Saturday, March 16, 2019

Antidepressants :: Drugs Depression Essays

AntidepressantsAntidepressants should be taken off the market. Depression is scarce a condition of the mind. Events that take place in ones life provide bring upon a depressive episode. With the variety of good deal in the world, there comes a variety of ways in which people cope with things. Some people can cope with economic crisis, when in turn, people that are emotion eithery unstable, cannot. With all of the antidepressants on the market to daytime, people are becoming dependent on these drugs that virtually ?mess with their heads? rather than ?clear their minds?. In the past, people dealt with depression without these ?happy pills? and did just fine coping and recuperating. Everyone gets depressed at close to point in his or her lives it?s part of our human nature. These supposed ?wonder drugs? may help in some aspects of the depressed person, just overall Prozac and its chemical cousins are nothing but task pills. Antidepressants should be taken off of the market. Doct ors overly prescribe antidepressants to patients that don?t even need these drugs. That is one of the main problems with antidepressants. A person could laissez passer into a doctor?s office, announce that he or she has been tone of voice down, and could walk out with a prescription for Zoloft. All doctors should more purely enforce the distribution of antidepressants. The diagnosis of depression is the quick way to elaborate medical problems for doctors to their patients. Now days, regular family doctors can prescribe antidepressants when in the past, psychiatrists were the alone types of doctors to prescribe such drugs. Some antidepressants like Prozac for instance, can earn certain side effects to where many users are unable to stoppage on them long enough to derive any real benefit. In fact, Prozac?s manufacturer admits that 35% of all patients receiving Prozac in pre-release trials stopped pickings it due to adverse reactions. A vast nature change is another effect. Som e users describe that after being on Zoloft for two months (which is the time it takes for their bodies to become chemically dependent) one day without their pill would make them more on edge, more reluctant to ? gimmick? at people and more sensitive to others remarks. The depressed patients also reported feeling dependent on the drug and without it, they felt they would not be able to function how the normally would. Once a person starts taking any type of antidepressant, that person cannot just stop taking the pills coolness turkey.

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