Monday, February 4, 2019

Say Yes by Tobias Wolff & Bread by Sandra Cisneros :: Race Relationships Love

Say Yes by Tobias WolffIf two batch bask severally early(a) regardless of any difference they may have, then why are there lots of things to consider( paragraph 36)? Answer the interrogate within the context of the story.According to the context, the lots of things to consider is referring to the race, background by the save. In his opinion, beside whether love this person or not, race, ethics background is excessively a very important factor to consider whether they should marry or not. He stated that if two people are not from the resembling race, they are not in the same culture, they have different language. tidy sum from different race never know distributively other.Compare the conserves actions to his wifes reactions. Are these people understanding each other? If he had said yes, would their relationship have changed? If so, how?From the husbands action to his wifes reaction, they didnt understand each other much even though the husband was trying to show how tact ful he is. But he failed to understand what his wife truly wants to memorize and wants to see in the conversation on the bailiwick of whether white people should marry black people. In the husbands view he thinks that it was ridiculous to think this kind of question when his wife asked him whether he will marry her if she were black. He thinks that it will never happen. If it happened, his wife will be another person but not the same her anymore. In his views, as he never think that this two race should get marry, he will not allow himself to fall in love or even date a black girl. He is telling the accuracy and trying to explaining that to his wife. However he failed to realized that that was not what his wife precious to hear. In fact from the context we female genitalia guessed for his wife, its not the sterling(prenominal) matter on whether white people should marry black people, what she matters is whether they love each other of not. For her, she thinks that if two people love each other, everything can be solved and race is not a big deal. She wants her husband to agree with this and showed that he will love her and marry her no matter what race she is. Bread by Sandra CisnerosThis story, in some ways, is about crossroad borders.

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