Friday, February 8, 2019

Me and the Moon :: Something Corporate Me and the Moon Essays

Me and the MoonMusic has always been a crucial part of the way society views the world. Some vociferations have conceal messages that fag end changes geniuss life and opinions. straight off many melodic phrases become popular without having meaning. Something Corporate is a fairly stark naked band, which sings, Konstanine, Youre gone, Only Ashes, and Me and the Moon. Being a in the raw band in the music scene, they have caught many listeners attention done their lyrics. One of their more interesting strainings is, Me and the moon. Something Corporates song Me and the Moon succeeds because it makes you think about relationships through subliminal messages. Obviously, the author of the song Me and the Moon is the new and up coming band Something Corporate. This song brings in an audience of women who have difficult relationships with their signifi washbasint other. Many of their songs tell their listeners authoritative life experiences. Me and the moon appeals to people in r elationships because it describes someone in a relationship that is suffering. Being alternative music, it appeals to people who are interested in rock music or like different kinds of music alternatively than the popular music. Most songs use pathos because of their emotional lyrics. We realize that this song is pathos because of the extremely personal experience represented in this song. throughout the song, he uses emotional lyrics that touch your heart. Many people in dehydrated relationships can identify with this songIn the beginning verse of the song, the head start line Its a good year for murder. Shes praying to Jesus. Shes pulling the trigger. Theres no tears, cause hes not here. She washes her hands, and she fixes dinner, but soon theyll be coming to rush her away. No ones so sure if her crime had a apprehension. This lyric tells us that a woman is trying to kill her husband. We can infer this because they describe the presence of a gun and her committing a crime. W e can tell that they are married because they state activities that would be associated with being a house wife. The murder would be considered a crime because no one knew the pain her husband caused her. She has no feelings because she does not cry after she murders her husband. later on killing her husband she has no remorse because of the damaged he caused.In the next verse, Something Corporate tells us that Reasons like seasons.

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