Friday, February 8, 2019

Great Gatsby Letter :: Great Gatsby Letter

Dear Gatsby,I appreciate your care for our friendship, Im glad that what we consider through with(p) means something to you as it has to me. I also see that you havent get together the rest of the flapper aristocrats, its good to know youre non at the shallow depths of their ignorant mentality. Anyways, I hope that your worries isnt the reason why call up that our lives are so troubled all of the sudden. I know myself very well and I know that my life isnt twisted, and I know you well enough to speculate that your life is not as troubled as you may think or seems. Everybody else living this wealthy luxury of a life has done something worse than anything you have done, used you for parties and drinking for one. One the other hand, the barely crime youve commited is falling in love. I have seen Tom and Daisy un halcyonly get hitched with knowing their real truths about each other myself, and their marriage is a farse. I have seen you and Daisy fullfilling that longlost love y ou had for each other before war, enquire why you lost it to begin with. You and I know Daisy for what she really is, not for that superficial act to gain self-respect, you can make her truly happy again. As for me, I have seen everybody is East Egg. for what they really are, and Jordan is no

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