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Democrats and Republicans

Aida Krafess Rosie Branciforte ENC 1101 April 8, 2013 Democrats and republicans The unite States of America is known to have dickens major political parties. The Republican party and the representative iodine. Both parties are lowlyd on views and principles cosmos sweep throughly opposites of each other. The Republican party is known to be a orthodox party, while the democratic party is known to be resistant. devil concepts that are opposites to each other.The democratic party go away most for certain convince the majority of the concourse that it is the ideal party to remain in office because it promotes frugal impactity, it advocates civil rights and individual freedom, and because it is a liberal party. The two major U. S political parties have different policies and views. These two parties being Democrats and Republicans. Economic bothy, republicans promote more equating because their taxes are the same for every(prenominal) unmatched. This means that taxes s hould non be higher(prenominal) for nation with a higher income or move for people with a lower income.They also believe that by minimizing organization spending they would be able to balance their budget. Republicans also support the nature to the highest degree. They are convinced that its laws are flawless, and want the constitution to become the base of U. S law, and do non believe in the majority rule. A rule that evinces that the vote of of the majority of the people should either make or banish a law. Republicans are also known to be conservatives. The discussion conservative is defined as the holding to traditional attitudes and values and being cautious about modification or innovations.Republicans would very much care to live their lives the way the founding fathers of America had without having to go through change or innovation. (Gould 565-483) At a first glance at the economic views of the republicans, it is common to find it more equal. However, why should a mortal that makes token(prenominal) wage pay same taxes as the C. E. O of an international corporation. The democratic party has different points of views on tax reform policies. The party believes in equality therefore it constructed its 2012 tax reform policy to cut taxes for every working family, and not for millionaires. Black, 565-483) This means that every working family still pays taxes, so far their taxes would be cut, meaning they would be paying less taxes than before. As for the millionaires and higher class of society they will still pay the same taxes as they did before. This policy is more likely to be considered as equal because it is not rated fair when people from different cordial classes with a big discrepancy in their incomes pay the same taxes. Especially because the taxes will eventually be lowered for the lower classes because they would be unable to afford paying the unremitting and high taxes.This will also lead in the cut of taxes for the high socia l class, which then makes the whole concept unequal. Not just for the people but also for the national economy (Witcover, 791-545). A democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. The democratic party is also known for being the party of the people. It is the the oldest political party and has origins that decide back all the way to Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew capital of Mississippi.Thomas Jefferson was one of the founding fathers, one of the main authors of the Declaration of independence, and the third president of the unite States. As for Andrew Jackson he was the seventh president of the United States and influenced his followers to create a modern democratic party. In a democracy it is essential for everyone to vote. It is considered as defending a point of view and opinions (Bass, 437-83). The democratic party is broadly concentrated on making all the people have equal rights, both women and men. Allowing each of them to have individual freedom.A freedom that a person has full control over until it is misused and breaks the law. The democratic party is for women having complete right to make their own decisions. For example, if a women decides to get an abortion, it would be viable for her to do so. (Black, 565-483) It remains a election the woman has to make. A choice that is not restricted by law. In a democratic party, people are allowed to vote to promote what they would like. For example if it is illegal in a state for a homosexual couple to get married, and the majority of the state votes for this law to be banished.It is most likely that gay marriage will become legal in that state. These concepts all advocate individual freedom, and equality (Bass 437-84). The democratic party is a party that favors liberal positions. The word liberal is defined as being open to raw(a) behavior or opinions and will to discard traditional value (Bass 437-84). Mo dern American liberalism unifies social liberalism, social justice, and a mixed economy. Theses three theories have allowed abortion rights for women, gar rights, and government strategies for education and healthcare.Liberals also favor diplomacy over phalanx action. Which could only make the people of any country feel safer. statecraft would help resolve many word conflicts, and could even prevent war, or incidents that might result in tragic outcomes. Liberals also favor the musical interval of church and state. This measures the restraint between a religion and the way laws of a nation are built. All of these facts influence the chain of thoughts democrats have. However, their chain of thoughts could not be influenced by a bias opinion based on religion or tradition.It could only be influenced by current events, and new ways to deal with different and repeated situations, and by the majority of votes (Witcover, 791-545). To conclude, in this actual context, the socio-democrat political model of the democratic party seems to be the one that fits best the expectations of the vulnerable population. This political party also compromises between the conservative values of the american society and its constant changes. Therefore, the arguments mentioned above explain the authority renewal that americans expressed in the last elections.Works cited Bass, Harold Franklin. Historical Dictionary of United States Political Parties. Lanham, MD Scarecrow, 2000. 437-84. Print. Black, Earl, and Merle Black. Divided America The Ferocious top executive Struggle in American Politics. New York Simon &038 Schuster, 2007. Print. Gould, Lewis L. Grand Old company A History of the Republicans. 1st ed. New York Random House, Inc. , 2003. 565-483. Print. Witcover, Jules. Party of the sight A History of the Democrats. New York Random House, 2003. 791-545. Print.

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