Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Career Paper Essay

Professor Jane Andrews Success in College C beer idea A practice of law officeholder is something I have always had an pertain in comme il faut. Law enforcement is an exciting line of achievement that apprise open more doors to different jobs, from guardling the streets to protecting important political figures. Police officers are an inwrought part of the communities in our nation, offering citizens protection from criminals, preventing crimes, and serving the members of their community.A police officers duties, among other things, include patrolling a specific regularize or beat, writing citations when obligatory, offering escorts for convoys, responding to citizens emergency calls, severing warrants and subpoenas, and writing accident reports after a crime has been committed. 1 An subjective characteristic of a police officer is physical stamina, physical and mental endurance, and the ability to go along a calm head. These are just a few of the galore( directnominal ) duties and essential characteristics of a police officer.A police officers work environment can transfer greatly, either being come on on patrol or in an office, either writing reports or viewing bulletins. Out on patrol, an officers work environment is his or her patrol car. A patrol car has all the devices necessary for an officer to execute his or her duties. It forget contain a radio, a mobile laptop, which is used to run license plates, do background checks, and rule directions to the locations of 911 calls, and weapons, such(prenominal) as a shotgun, to be used in inappropriate situations. A police officers work environment will vary depending on his or her pecific duties.Becoming a police officer is a physically demanding process. Many people choose to first beat a college degree in criminal justice or sociology, because it can help you become a exalted rank and opens the options to work for higher authority agencies. The basic requirement for becoming a cop are to be free of any felony convictions, be a citizen of the United States, be at least 18 years of age, undergo background checks, and be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which might adversely affect the exercise of power by the peace officer.These requirements may vary slightly from state to state, alone one that is consistent is that everyone must face police academy. Police academy is an essential step in becoming a police officer. By graduating from police academy, a person becomes post certified, which is a requirement to become a police officer anywhere. 3 At the academy, a person will take courses on firearms training, patrol techniques, crimes scene procedures, and brain training courses, which train an officer on how to match mentally in certain situations.Physical fitness tests are an essential part of the academy, with strict requirements for both male and female requirements. Being a police officer requires both mental and physical toughness. A caree r in law enforcement can bring a variety of requital amounts. A standard patrol officer makes on average $34,000 a year. 4 Working for different agencies can bring different commit ranges, anywhere from $25,000 a year to $100,000. A police chief will earn towards the upper end of this range.All police officers will be members of a police union, the largest being the International Union of Police Associations, or the IUPA. 5 Being a member of a union brings benefits such as higher wages, health insurance, and a pension plan. Being a police officer is not one of the highest paying jobs staring off, but with the right promotions, one can earn a very high salary. Being a police officers is a career that is always in demand. In 2010, there were over 750,000 jobs for police officers.

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