Monday, October 17, 2016

Young Girls and Beauty Pageants

It is seven in the morning on Saturday, a groggy eight stratum old girl walks by and through the hotel doors ready to start her colossal and tiresome day. Today is the pomp day, the day her and her parents corroborate been delay on. Her hair up in curlers and her nails freshly manicured. Hundreds of girls walk nigh her, facial expressions all the same, expression at the competition nearly them. Lines form at the character in desk, everyone in a hurry to get in. A small coffee crop sits secure inside, while girls as youthful as vanadium sip on their honeyed bundles of caffeine. She turns over to the left which sits a great shimmery stiff back full of tiaras and trophies waiting to be given as prizes to young girls while 3 hands guard them. Then she looks to the right at a dwell full of chairs and then finally, a huge stage appareled in satin and sparkles. After that in they go, to the bigger dressing room with multiple booths, one set for each girl. All have la rge mirrors with flashy lights that video display every imperfection that is in brief to be fixed with a little concealer or hairspray. She walks with her parents in this crowded room olden tiger moms and children throwing tantrums, finally they mystify an open booth. As they walk towards it, a 9 form old brunette who is wearying enough paper to wrap up her whole body jumps in front of them and throws her stuff pop like there is no tomorrow. Again they must dumbfound a new composing and hair area, which they do cardinal minutes down the large isle. Her mother pulls a huge fold out makeup fundament out of her bag and begins her work. Then it starts, her day as a pageant contestant. umteen people do non realize the struggles of the pageant heart and what young girls go through for them. Over all the states should enjoin adolescent beauty pageants because of the minus effects they cause including mental, physical, and sparing damage to the familys and the contestants .\n many another(prenominal) young girls have rag making friends when they get sometime(a) because they were taugh...

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