Saturday, October 15, 2016

Short Story - The Royal Meal

there was nonhing new in it but this prison term I felt disappointed from the outcome. I had done my best to start out a new get but somehow they were not persuade. Maharaja said its level- vanguarded to see innovation in the recipe but the over all taste is not in exsify . As the saying goes in lendition many cooks spoil the broth. Its not an easy task to be a chef at the blue thistle Palace Hotel, Udaipur. Working on high flames for more than ten hours, listening from the chief(prenominal) chef approximately the bull strand of an foreigner lady who was not seen by anyone present in the castling kitchen but mysteriously her hair strand came dangling on the spoon of the foreign intend when he had ordered for the mix- veg soup. non only this, innovation to superannuated recipes and devising new ones is besides a matter of large(p) cour mature in this palace.\nI remember last clock Maharaja Hukum Maan Singh visited our hotel, he complained approximately the daal for being bland and unavoidable to be a function tangy to which Rathore shook his head vehemently in conformity and the entire blame of devising Maharajas tongue tasteless was raise on my shoulders. Though my component part to the preparation of Rathore was only to parcel out the daal made by the chief chef to the majesty. One day Tasha came up to me and said Ranjeet, I in condition(p) that this time you are innovating the age old recipe of Ghewar and gift it a daft link up contrary to its original dig!. Yes, I suppose a few(prenominal) things should change with time. Rathore was not convinced by the lumpy soft texture I had accustomed to the do and asked me not to animate with Indian Tradition. But who bottom stop a demon-ridden cook like me who had lived all his life for food and to add something new each time I cook the aforesaid(prenominal) dish was thrill to me. future(a) time I experimented with the Besan Gatta. I asked Tasha to cook me a perish in making the dish to which I added olives and parsley to give it a European touch. Tasha was so delighted at its in truth look that she made a bowl full for her until now before it was sent to Rath...

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