Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hydrophobic appear modification of ramie fibers with grain alcoholic beverage pre interposition and atmospheric pressure blood germ plasm interposition Zhou Zhou, Xingchen Liu, Benting Hu, Jilong Wang, Danwei Xin, Yiping Qiu* Key Laboratory of material Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, chinaware College of Textiles, Donghua University, Shanghai 201620, China *Corresponding author. Tel: +86 021 67792744; fax: +86 021 67792627 E-mail address: Abstract Incompatibility between deliquescent pictorial cellulose fibers and hydrophobic thermoplastic polymer matrices leads to poor interfacial bonding in their composites. This study investigates how atmospheric pressure plasma kelvin (APPJ) treatment with fermentation alcohol pretreatment may improve ramie fiber surface properties for better adhesion to polypropylene. After dipsomaniac in ethanol for 10 min, ramie fibers are toughened by atomic number 2 plasma. Scanning negatron microsco py shows change magnitude fiber surface rudeness due to plasma etching, which favors mechanical interlocking of the interface. X-ray photoelectron spectrometry analysis indicates increased carbon contents and hydrophobic C-C bonds. larger advancing body of irrigate contact angles are found in dynamic water contact angle measurement. Microbond test shows a nearly 50% increase of the interfacial shear susceptibility of the fibers to polypropylene compared to the control, which may be attributed largely to the reaction of ethanol molecules and cellulose in plasma treatment, leading to increased hydrophobicity in the ramie fibers and thus amend their compatibility to polypropylene matrix. Keywords: Atmospheric pressure plasma; Cellulose fibers; Hydrophobicity; Ethanol; interfacial shear strength 1. Introduction Cellulose raw(a) fibers have been wage increase as low cost, widely available, renewable, and environmentally friendly substitutes to non-renewable manmade f ibers much(prenominal) as glass and synthet! ic fibers in composites [1-3]. Thermoplastic composites built with natural fibers are enjoying...If you want to get a integral essay, tell it on our website:

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