Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Attachment in Childhood on Adult Capacity for Intimacy

(2) If fastener patterns reflect descent characteristics rather than traits in the child, unitary would yield that characteristics of dyadic interaction would be associated with patterns of attachment. The research cited by van IJzendoorn provides support for a causal role of related sensitivity in the development of attachment security, though a great deal less research has addressed the interactive patterns that precede avoidant and insensitive attachment. Research reviewed by Hennighausen and Lyons-Ruth has also demonstrated that certain agnate behaviours, such as withdrawal, negatively charged-intrusive responses, role-confused responses, disoriented responses, frightened or stabilize behaviours and affective communication errors, which include contradictory responses to infant signals, argon likely to be more evident in the ascertain of certain types of parental psychopathology, and have been documented to be associated with disorganise attachment.3,4 (3) A central tenet of attachment theory has been that uncreated experiences surrounded by young children and their caregivers provide a determine for advise relationships in later sprightliness. Although this model is believed to be modifiable by subsequent experiences, the theory has posited a conservative magnetic inclination to resist change. These propositions suggest that in a stable caregiving environment, wizard would expect to find stable patterns of attachment, but in environments characterized by momentous changes, one would expect less stableness. On balance, these assertions are support by research, although results from four longitudinal studies of attachment from infancy to maturity do not support a one-dimensional relationship,5-8 as these studies do not uniformly demonstrate stability of attachment classifications from infancy to adulthood. They do, however, provide support for a relationship between life events and changes in attachment classifications. In the Grossmanns work, negative life events a! nd stresses were also found to compromise...If you want to get a in effect(p) essay, order it on our website:

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