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Student NameInstructor NameAssign mentDateOpposition Writing ExerciseThe New York City sky business line looked breathtaking from my hotel window in Jersey . Just shtup finrsome minutes out from the city , I could see her tack from the northernmost point almost to the Statue of Liberty . I stood very(prenominal) aware of the ravisher of this skyline in the early break of the twenty-four hour period mist . It appeared to be a tranquil painting of the truelove of modernization and humanityI entered the tunnel at 8 a .m . and did non pay for the rush hour traffic to already be congesting the lowly tubes to the city . My heart raced as I was scared by completely the traffic and aggressive driving . I clutch the steering wheel so tightly that my knucks were whiteWhen I finally made it down townsfolk , I was in awe o f the size of the city and the buildings . The avenues were filled with potholes and steaming manholes . men were working on buildings everywhere around me . People in business suits rushed by homeless digging with grump cansAt Battery Park where I checked for the ferry to Ellis Island , passage performers and vendors lined the sidewalks . I stood in line with hundreds of others seeming to eliminate the mainland to visit the island that my ancestors once stood at , begging to enter this countryLater in the day , I looked out over the top of the mingled State Building . I am afraid of juicy , so I stayed as close to the wall as possible . The view was spectacular , but I couldn t wait to mother my feet back on the ground againStudent NameInstructor NameAssignmentDateOpposition 2I never had the sumptuosity of meeting my great- gramps . He passed away when my mother was only cinque years old .

However , when I was a elfin fry , I often escorted what he might halt looked likeKnowing that he was a soldier in World maintain of war I and a railroad worker , I pictured my great-grandfather as tall and muscular , especially in his focal ratio torso . Since we were of Irish decent , I always purpose he would be of fair complexion and features , like myself . I envisioned his face as stooge and handsome with of late lines around his eyes and mouth from the mark of raising a large family during the Great Depression tension . I would envision him standing tall with medals of honor suspension from his chestAs I recovered and inquired more into my genealogy , I represent out a bit more about my great-grandfat her , a small phantasma haired Irish boy with bad stupefy . He fathered five children during the Depression and could easily support them all . He point owned a small family line in town . His school boy s grin unbroken his face untried and alive , even as he neared deathMy mother did non get to grow up with the privilege of having her grandfather in her life . I was very lucky in this discover . Two of my children have even been fortunate full to...If you necessitate to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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