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Midterm Review GW 2009 Long Essay: 15 points distributively ( reaction three out of the six essay questions) (15 min. distributively) teaching method: reply the questions by providing concrete example from class and textbook readings, educatee presentations, and lectures. Need to provide an opening paragraph describing how you ar overtaking to answer the essay question. You do not take a concluding paragraph. The test is worth 100 Points. You are responsible for managing your time accordingly!!!!! talk 1 1. let off how migration is like a mathematical formula. Lecture 2 2. disputation four legacies of colonization in Latin the States. 3. Explain what has been the fiber of religion in Latin America. 4. Describe the evolution of the prop tenure system (RepartamientoHacienda, etc) in Latin America until the 1900s. Lecture 3 5. Describe four challenges did the tonic Nations face in the 1800s. 6. Describe four significant examples of coupled States influences/presences in Latin America from 1823-1920. Lecture 4 7. Explain how people maturement and urbanization in Latin American are related to? 8. Argue whether or nor there is a correlation amid population growth and economic development in Latin America? Lecture 5 9. Describe three migration patterns in South American between 1800-1990. 10.
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What have been the vex and plough factors for migration from Mexico to the United States? Lecture 6 11. What have been the Central American push and pull factors for migration patterns during the 1980s to the present? Lecture 7 12 . Compare and secernate the migration patte! rns of two nations in the Caribbean? dead Answer: 5 points each (Answer seven out of the twelve nearsighted answer questions) (5 min. each) Short Answer Lecture 1 1. short describe four early civilizations in Latin America 2. Explain two of the three migration myths that influenced the Aztec civilization Lecture 2 3. Describe the four Gs. 4. How was the population (Demographics) of...If you want to cut a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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