Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Marketing And the Communications Industry Transformed to the Research Paper

How Marketing And the Communications Industry Transformed to the Digital Marketing Era - Research Paper Example Introduction Publicis group is a multinational company based in Paris. The group provides media services, traditional and digital advertising, marketing services and consulting services to the clients. In the era of globalization the medium of advertisement has been changed and the type of advertisement also getting modernized. In the marketing and communications industry there was a transformation seen from the 1990s decade. The agencies change their campaign approaches. They are trying to communicating with the customers instead of communicating at the customers. The Publicis group wants to transform the group’s operation as they have bought Digitas. They have begun to identify a new model and for this they have to change the company’s agencies. Vivaki is a new strategic initiative designed to improve the advertisers’ marketing investments and thus boost the growth of the Publicis group. In this modern era of marketing and communications industry needs some inn ovative approaches for retaining the market share. The approach of Publicis group was innovative as four agencies came under one umbrella through which Vivaki can provide good services to the clients. Since launch Vivaki has not performed well but because of the financial crisis. The paper is an attempt to research about the problems with the group using various tools of analysis like TOWS and strategy tripod. The researcher has tried to provide some recommendations that what the company should do in this situation for their long term and short term profit. Analysis The strategy tripod model is the tool a company with respect to three major perspectives of strategy. The three perspectives are industry based view, resource based view and... This paper stresses that marketing and the communications industry has transformed to the digital marketing era from the traditional marketing. Till 2006 there were no digital shops in the top ten spots so the group has acquired Digitas. Digitas is an integrated digital advertising agency. In 2007 Digitas was in the first spot in the ranking of the top digital stores. After that the chairman of the company feels the needs to integrate the agencies that were under the group and then provide products to the clients. So the management has launched a new venture Vivaki which offers the combined scale of operations of four different agencies of the group. The author of the essay declares that At the inception the group has not performed well because of financial crisis. In this report the researcher has analyzed the situation. This report makes a conclusion that the firm should take care of the cultural issues arising as this company is multinational. The company should allocate the responsibility of the agencies who are working in collaboration so that the group can avoid the events like AT & T. They should use the balance scorecard for review the feedback of the clients and employees. As the approach of the company is innovative it can be said from the analysis that the group will be able to increase its market share if they apply the suggestions made by the researcher.

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