Monday, January 13, 2020

Counseling Techniques

The choice of the counseling technique to be used in a counseling session differs from the preference of a counselor to counselor but there are certain factors that influence the choice of counseling technique, a counselor is likely to apply in a given counseling situation.However the following factors influence the choice of the technique; suitability for the counseling technique to the prevailing needs of the client, the effectiveness of the counseling technique which is determined by the recorded success rate of the past use of the counseling resource as well as the situation of the counseling which is an important factor that needs to be considered before moving to the counseling. Creative counseling technique involves the use of dialogue, behaviour change as well as communication, movement and the sense of touch.Under the creative approach, the counselors’ use writings, the sense of touch artwork and speech to cause improvement to a patient’s mental health and inca ses or organizations or groups of people, the creative approach is aimed at improving relationships between individuals such as members of a family (Jacobs, 1992). Creative technique in counseling is easy to understand and apply as it depends on the use of resources locally available which both the patient and the counsellor can relate with.Creative counseling technique allows further use of visual aids, sense of movement that leads people to connect with each other easily. Conclusion A creative counseling technique is an effective method in that it allows for the utilization of many approaches which combine to yield lots of benefits to those who receive the counseling. Creative counseling is also important in that it can be widely applied in different contexts such as family, individual and teams. Reference Jacobs, E. (1992): Creative Counselling Techniques:An illustrated guide. Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

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