Sunday, November 17, 2019

Direct Manipulation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Direct Manipulation - Research Paper Example This way, users meet their senses of control (Allison et al., 2012). The second principle is quick, flexible, and incremental actions (Bennett and Flach, 2011). The impacts of these actions on simulated objects are instantly visible. Otherwise known as the principle of virtuality, this principle shows direct manipulation can represent a controllable reality. This principle is applied in video game controls through fast-response correspondence between game controller manipulation and video game response. Examples of virtual responses in video games are characters, weapons, vehicles, or natural and manmade surroundings. Numerous actions are flexible under the rules of a video game. For instance, walking, opening, or closing doors, picking or dropping items are physical, reversible actions that video game controls manipulate through direct manipulation (Richer and Drury, 2006). Lastly, direct manipulation allows the user to make physical actions by pressing marked buttons on a controlling device rather than using compound syntax (Booth, 2014). Direction manipulation under this principle occurs with physical actions such as pointing at an object using a cursor rather than typing a pointing command. This principle fosters a feeling of immersion directly in a virtual reality instead of interacting with an intermediate. Video game controls have marked buttons that foster tasks that concentrate on local and precise interaction with virtual characters or objects. With video game controls, users do not have to type commands for characters or objects to interact with their virtual surroundings (Allison et al., 2012). Video game-type interfaces give users required information and control abilities in an interactive and enjoyable manner. These interfaces successfully streamline input/output frameworks. To a user, these streamlining protocols make a video game slightly more than just an interface. Many computer programs have interfaces that act as intermediaries for

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