Thursday, October 3, 2019

Physically Challenged Community in the Workplace Essay Example for Free

Physically Challenged Community in the Workplace Essay A person is physically deemed physically challenged when he or she has a physical disability or impairment. This is especially true if such impairment is one that limits mobility of the person. Disability on the other hand is defined as a condition or function judged to be significantly impaired relative to the usual standard of an individual or their group. The term is often used to refer to physical impairment, sensory impairment, and intellectual impairment. Whatever physical disability one has, he or she has the same right to be treated as a normal human being. The United Nations has argued that persons with disabilities should have equal rights to education and employment. People with disabilities also have the right to own and inherit property; not be discriminated against at home or in the workplace. The 21st century workplace is a virtual jungle. Those who are physically challenged may, at first, find it difficult to cope with the extra stress of working despite their disabilities. In today’s fast-paced and hectic world, opportunities abound for those who have complete bodies and mind. However, if one is physically challenged, such as being a dwarf (too short), finding a job in this cutthroat world is a very slim possibility. If one has speech impairment, it would be difficult to land a job which main responsibility involves verbal communication. If one is to do machinist’s work, it is almost impossible to apply as a single-armed person. The point being that if one is physically challenged, finding a job that would suit your special needs requires great patience and endeavor. That is just in terms of applying for a job. How about keeping one’s job even one is physically challenged. That requires a lot of grit and determination. For one to survive such an ordeal is already a great accomplishment; and, we should congratulate such persons for their courage and bravery in withstanding the pressures of working in a hectic environment despite their disabilities. An individual who is physically challenged may find it almost impossible to survive alone in a workplace where everybody else is not. Thus, it is very much beneficial for such a physically challenged person to find a job in a workplace where there is a community full of physically challenged persons like him or her. This is because the feeling of belonging to a group gives one the motivation to succeed in every endeavor. It inspires even the most physically disabled to work very well in a company of his peers. In terms of communication, a community inside a workplace whose members all are physically challenged could even develop their own styles of communication that is specially suited to their needs. That makes them feel more confident and secure, and it has a sizable effect on their performance. There are many effective strategies adopted by people who are physically challenged to communicate with their peers. This often involves special non-verbal signals, especially in cases where there is speech impairment, or when mobility of such a person is restricted due to the loss of arms or legs. The advantage of such special communication tools is that it oftentimes enables the physically disabled workers to be more effective and efficient. A special bond of understanding develops between workers who share common disadvantages. This special bond, extends beyond misunderstanding. The only advantage that can be observed in this type of communication strategy between physically challenged persons is that other â€Å"normal† persons might think negatively of it, wrongly assuming that they are being stabbed in the back through this special type of â€Å"language† that only physically challenged persons can understand.

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