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Edward and Adam role play Essay Example for Free

Edward and Adam role play Essay The piece did not have a title. As it was an assignment we didnt name our play. It is called Edward and Adam role play, because in this scenes we show when Edward has just been captured and he meets Adam for the first time. Edward is really confused, and when Adam try to calm him down, he thinks that Adam is an Arab whos there to beat him up again.  AIM OF THE PIECE: I think that the main aim of the piece is to show how two men kept in captivity would react when they meet for the first time. Adam is an American doctor, while Edward is an Irish journalist. Edward, is steady and thoughtful. A hard-living, hard-driven man, he is tormented by the regret that he has pushed away his wife and not taken the time to know his children, and now never may. He is a complex, charismatic, charming and irritating man, whose best weapons against despair and self-pity are quick jokes, biting humor and a healthy awareness of his failings. When Edward is being taking into the cell he tries to fight back, by spitting at the Arabs. The reaction of the Arabs is shown with violence, and Edward get beaten up. When Adam sees what is happening he tries to help the new arrived, but he gets beaten up as well. When Edward wakes up, he ears the voice of a stranger, that stranger is Adam, who is trying to reassure him that everything is fine. Edward first response is trying to get away from the chains, and trying to find a way out of the jail. When he finally realises that hes locked up with a stranger, he starts screaming that hes Irish, and that hes country is neutral. In all this time Adam is trying to interrupt him, but Edward completely ignores him, until then he starts asking questions. What he hears, hes not what he expected. In fact he has been told that he would stay in the cell for an indeterminate time. In the scene there isnt much movement as they are both suppose to be chained up. The only movement we get in the scene is when Adam starts exercising, and tell Edward that he should do something as well, to keep his mind full. Edward is still really confuse and want to know more about his new friend. He keeps on asking questions, and they start to know each other better. The scene finish up when Adam tells Edward that hes not alone as he has got him to watch over him. We of course choose this ending by the title of the play. PRESENTATION: The piece has been presented well, and my partner and I have done a good job as the piece was understood by everyone in the audience. As we werent able to use the stage once more, we used another space in the room. We planned the scene carefully, and we decided to have Adam sitting down lining against the wall, reading the Koran. When Edward is coming in we have both of the characters trying to fight back the Arabs but as both get beaten up they faint. When Edward wakes up, hes very scared as he founds out that he is chained. For a moment he thinks hes dreaming, but when he realizes that that is reality, we can feel the stress and the fear coming out of his voice. Adam is tries his best to welcome him in the cell. But how can you make someone welcome when you are kept in chain? Edward is really stressed and keeps on asking more questions as he wants to know more about what its happening. After a while Adam start getting exercising, but this only makes Edward more confuse and makes him ask more questions. When the two men get to know each other more, Edward start to relax, and they start to talk normally and calmly, about everyday things, such as family, sports, jobs and so on.  For most of the scene the two men are sitting down lining on the wall, talking.  In this scene we had a big contrast between two different men, such as Adam and Edward.. Adam, is very calm, kind, and tries to reassure Edward. While Edward is very aggressive, as hes just been captured, and in first place he thinks that Adam is an Arab, and he doesnt trust him. STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES: The piece strength as weaknesses as well. Once again I think that my partner and I have done a good job, because we have done a original piece, which I think has impressed the audience, as we have explored the inner side two men who meets for the first time in a situation of hostages. We wrote a script of the piece so that we would have been able to remember the piece. I think that the main strength of this piece is that I had the opportunity to work with the same partner, and we put very good ideas together. Some of the weaknesses of this piece were that we couldnt act the piece on the stage, I think that it would have been more effective as we would have had more space, and we could have used the lights as well.  PROBLEMS I HAVE EXPERIENCED: The major problem in acting this piece was that I was suppose to calm down a man who has just been captured and thrown into a cell. I had to be very patient into the play as Edward kept on interrupting, and kept on asking questions.  Looking back at the play I think that I have done a good job into acting Adam, and I also enjoyed it.

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