Thursday, September 12, 2019

GREEK MYTHOLOGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 0 words

GREEK MYTHOLOGY - Essay Example Even the writings of Shakespeare and Byron are inclusive of passing references made to these Greek myths. Therefore, I would definitely associate the Greek culture with the notion of 'myth'. One of the most popular Greek myths, in our contemporary world, is that of Jason and Argonauts. This myth has been popularised by television shows and films that have adopted this name. The myth goes like this: There lived a virtuous King called Aeson, who reigned over Ioclus in Thessaly. He and his good wife, Alcimede by name, were a happy couple. However, their happiness was destroyed by the King's evil brother, Pelias, who took the throne forcibly. The couple fled with their infant son called Jason. They took refuge and entrusted their son to Centaur Chiron, beseeching him to bring up their son as a virtuous person in order to avenge their wrongs. Around the age of 20, as Chiron and Jason crossed a mighty water body, they found an old lady struggling to do the same. Jason helped her cross and to his surprise, she transformed into Goddess Juno, who blessed him in his future endeavours.

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