Saturday, August 3, 2019

Tastes Great or Less Filling :: Commercial Analysis Essays

Tastes Great or Less Filling? Works Cited Missing Yes, yes, oh yes! Most of us are familiar with the current advertising campaign of Clariols Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. It has been running for quite a while now. The woman enters a room and to her surprise a bottle of shampoo and conditioner await her. Then we suddenly find her either washing her own hair or having her hair washed and she is pleasurably screaming and shouting. The add seems to imply that the shampoo and/or conditioner causes an orgasm like experience for the woman. The commercial is clearly targeted towards women, yet the woman is usually beautiful. Between the beautiful woman and the screaming female it is difficult to deny that men do not keep a slight interest in the commercial. The images in the commercial keep peoples attention, and that is what sells the product. Another commercial recently made its debut earlier this year during the closing weeks and playoffs of the NFL season. It is the highly controversial Miller Lite catfight commercial. The commercial was considered controversial because of the two women in it. Many argue that the women were being exploited for their good looks, yet in McClouds Show and Tell, ...words and pictures have great powers to tell their stories when creators fully exploit them both, (152). That is how advertisers accomplish their mission. What are they trying to do? They are trying to keep your attention so that you will buy their product. They exploit their images and their words to get the most of them. Also, words and moving pictures have half the world in thrall to their charms, (141). The commercial starts out with two women fighting over why Miller Lite is such a good beer. One claims that it is the taste of the beer and the other claims that it is because it is less filling. The verbal struggle erupts into a physical battle when the brunette woman flips the table over. The blonde then punches the brunette which is followed by the brunette throwing the blonde into a fountain and they fight as they rip each others clothes off. The commercial then cuts to two men laughing at what a great commercial the viewer just saw would make, while two women are shown with their mouths wide open as if they were offended by what they had just heard.

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