Thursday, August 29, 2019

Case Study of MGM Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Of MGM - Case Study Example The highly competitive nature of the hospitality and gaming industry is considered one of the biggest threats for MGM. The competitors vary considerably in terms of their size, quality of services, financial potency and capabilities, level of facilities and the diversity that exists in terms of geographic location. MGM faces competition from several public and private companies that operate in the hotel, gaming and resort business. In just the short period, that MGM has been in the market, its portfolio has vastly increased. MGM is actively in pursuit of development opportunities in the main regions that show some form of opportunity, both domestically and internationally. However, now MGM seems to be highly reliant on Las Vegas to generate the larger part of its revenue. Secondly, MGM has taken up several initiatives in order to set it apart from its competitors. Building themed hotels came outdated and a clichà © over time, which in turn necessitated the need for MGM to take up on something different and unique. This is relevant in ensuring that the hotel can offer to its customers what the other hotels in the hospitality and gaming industry do not have to offer. Furthermore, in order to get a head start in the changing era of the competitive industry, MGM has collaborated with the digital entertainment party known, as bwin party waiting for the time when gambling shall be made legal. The world is vastly changing to be a digital and customers are everyday hoping to do everything online. Offering online poker is likely to give MGM competitive advantage in the gaming industry. The resource-based model is ideal when venturing into international markets as a way of maintaining competitive advantage and attaining above average returns. Furthermore, MGM should focus on training the employees in order to deliver consistent excellent customer service across all of its

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