Monday, July 22, 2019

Cost Reduction Techniques Essay Example for Free

Cost Reduction Techniques Essay Forms Management in Today’s Modern Business a) The basis of forms management b) Future of forms management c) Creating a forms program d) Organizing a forms program e) Steps to establish a program f) Implementing and maintaining the program g) Reports to management Techniques to Reduce the Cost of Paperwork Cycle Time a) What the history shows! b) Analyzing your paperwork costs c) Establishing your operational flow d) Formulation of the BPI application e) Forms to use in a BPI review f) Checklist procedures II. III. IV. V. VI. MRP in Purchasing and Inventory Management a) What a systemized plan confers b) Making plans complimentary c) Symptoms problems of MRP d) MRP conversions e) Knowing the cost of inventory f) How to control inventory investment; 1) VMI applications 2) Baby â€Å"k† savings g) How best to dispose of obsolete materials VII. Productivity Improvement and Cost Controls a) Organizing for productivity improvements b) Performance measurements and improvements c) Expected payoff and benefits d) Applying Activity Based Costing to a process VIII. Quality Assurance as a Cost Reduction Application a) What quality control really is b) Establishing a quality policy c) Analyzing specific process costs d) Quality cost components e) Types of quality methods to apply; 1) standards methods 2) process charts 3) SPC applications 4) 6~Sigma control IX. Product Engineering Production Techniques a) Value Analysis b) Value Engineering c) Computerized techniques d) JIT Models e) Applying JIT techniques f) Product Engineering g) Re-manufacturing Cost Reduction Methods in Maintenance a) Preventive maintenance X. b) c) d) e) f) g) h) XI. More maintenance tips and applications Energy reduction Cases of energy reduction savings Purchasing machinery Getting your moneys worth Reliability vs. total cost Other machine cost reduction ideas Cost Estimating and Control to Reduce Expenditures a) Cost per direct labor b) Analyzing manufacturing costs c) Breakeven analysis d) Impact of parts shortages on labor costs e) Network analysis f) PERT/CPM applications g) PERT/CPM calculations h) Cost reduction ratios XII. Cost Reduction Strategies in Marketing a) Using the computer for market analysis b) Segmentation analysis c) Balancing cost reduction with customer satisfaction d) How to apply the 80/20 rule for reducing efficiencies XII. Miscellaneous Cost Reductions a) Conducting a better business plan b) Cash management services c) Improving plant layout and design d) Vehicle economy e) Office efficient applications f) Pay for knowledge g) Successful EDI/EFT applications and savings h) How to choose a consultant i) Reducing travel costs j) Money savings in your mailroom k) Recycling paper XIV. Summary of the Session

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