Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Medium is the message - explore what Marshall McLuhan meant by Essay

The Medium is the pass on - explore what Marshall McLuhan meant by this statement, tie it to ways the Internet and telecommunica - Essay display caseThe mean(a) is the heart and soul as a metaphor is important in understanding the new electronic media as well. One could well argue that the middling is the unconscious of the media. Every medium is encrypted with its own messages which in turn substantially influence the message or the content. It is through analyzing the shift from traditional media to the new electronic media McLuhan understood the nuances of medium as the message. The purpose of the essay is to examine the major postulates of McLuhans theoretical leap and some of the responses to from other scholars against the new developments in media of the reconcile world. McLuhans Conception of Medium Although, the sentence medium is the message is apparently very simple it has many complex con nonations. At first, it is just equating the medium with the message. Secondly but most importantly, if medium is the message, all other messages become secondary or non-messages. Therefore, it stipulates that the medium is the primary message and whatever message is inscripted on it is not substantial or exist only in permanent reference to the message of the medium. McLuhan does not negate the existence of the message of the content therefore, he asserts that although the medium is the message, the controls go beyond the programming. The restraints are always directed to the content, which is always another medium (305). It means that the message of the medium is primary and the message of the content withstand only with reference to the message. It is important to remember that every medium is the extension of human capabilities and diverse mediums alters different human capabilities in different ways. Medium is what is form in literature it is not just capturing the content but reproduces it in many ways. As we cannot understand an art work without decon structing the form, the message of a media can only be understood when we deconstruct the politics of its medium. It is widely observed that the communication revolution in the technological sphere has not yet turned out to be a communication revolution in the real world. Although, there exist actual potentials for disseminating information which is crucial to kindle democracy among the broad masses, the internet media world has not advanced much in this line. Not only the media has failed in deepening democracy in public but also is unable to substantiate democracy within itself. It is because of the fact that as a medium the new information communication technologies are needfully fragmented and not amenable to deep contemplation. By and large, global media is controlled the big corporations which are even more wealthy than a number of countries in the international South. The much celebrated marketplace of ideas is no more considered as free as it appears. It is not just becau se of the fact that American media conglomerates have more corporate and monitory power. On the other hand, the new media technologies as medium are highly amenable to corporatization and monopolization. Therefore, we never have a media world without monopolies one monopoly go out always be replaces with another. The emergence of terms such as public service broadcasting, alternative media, citizens journalism, and independent media centers and so on denotes both the phenomenal corporatization of media and the ongoing global

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