Thursday, June 20, 2019

Consumer Behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Consumer Behavior - Assignment ExampleYes, it does require a wobble but not necessarily for all products. Changing the image is good as it will mean a change in the advertisement of their edulcorate products that target the adults. This is a way to entice the adults to purchase the products for themselves and enjoy them. On the other hand, a change in the image will make the adults whole step more included by the company in the candy and their input in the companies appreciated as well. It will also make the conscious p bents drop their inner guilt of eating while they tell the opposite to their children. A change in an image of the candy products to include the adults may lead to an riddance of the children and this might reduce the childrens market as they will consider the candy to be an adult thing and not for children and this is not the aim of the companies. When the children quality left out and they are considered an all year consumers, it will mean that in the seasons that adults are not purchasing the candy in plenty stage business will be non-existent for the candy companies. Bite size candies are manageable in terms of a number of calories they contain which most adults and especially the women who are known to be watching their weight prefer. They want to be able to still eat candy but in smaller amounts without any plant of temptation and the best way to do this are by purchasing bite size candies. Other than the issue of watching weight and calories, these types of candies are easier to be concealed from the view of others and especially children.

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