Friday, May 31, 2019

Survival And Adaptation :: essays research papers

Survival and Adaptation tom tycoon and his family are not wealthy. In order for them to survive tomcat had to box. Tom King was very old to be boxing. He had to change his way of fighting to even hit a remote chance of wining. In Tracks by Louise Erdrich Eli and Nanapush had to learn to live with each other to survive. Nevertheless Tom King and Eli both did what they had to do too survive. They are good examples of strength and determination.Tom King was not a rich man but a poor one. Jack London writes that Tom had to send his children to bed so that they might block about dinner. This portrays what kind of life Tom and his family live in. they live life day by day, struggling to eat and pay debts. All morning Tom had a craving for a piece of steak. But the butcher wouldnt give him one because he didnt have any credit. Its ironic how he used to fertilise his dog pieces of steak but instantly he cant even give himself one. Eventhough Tom was a strong man on the outside the tho ught of how his family lives must have ripped him apart inside. The one thing he wanted, a piece of steak proved to be a critical factor in the outcome of his match.Tom power is beginning to notice the signs of fighting. Jack London illustrates Tom Kings face as a beast, with lion like eyes. This description portrays Tom as a unrelenting man who looks like a killer. But on the contrary hes just a normal man who suffered the consequences of his profession. In the ring Tom King is purblind and bulky. He does this to conserve his energy. This demonstrates character development. When Tom was younger he use to be just like Sandel. Rushing into everything, not using his head. But now he has to slow down. His body isnt as strong as it use to be. Its the only way he would be able to survive.Eli and Nanapush are both in need of each other. Louise Erdrich describes Eli as he shows up at Nanapushs door as open and lifeless. This description illustrates the situation hes in. He has no food o r hope. Nanapush then(prenominal) offers Eli a bowl of soup but he refuses it because the soup is only an old gopher. These two lines from Tracks by Louise Erdrich indicate what the problem is from the beginning.

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