Friday, May 10, 2019

Prevalence of HIV in United States Research Paper

Prevalence of HIV in United States - Research Paper interpreterI was curious about this issue because U.S is one of the most developed countries that I know about. I wanted to find out if the rate of HIV infections in the U.S are rising or declining. either day I come across so many brochures on HIV and this creates some gratify in me to find out the rates of HIV infection and if they are rising or declining. Since the pestilent was discovered, so many people have died in the entire world. With the discovery of ARVs, that can help the unnatural individuals in surviving for long, the rates of death have drastic solelyy reduced in most countries. I was curious to find out if the same case applies to the United States and by what percentage the decline has interpreted place. I was curious to find out the methods that the United States uses to prevent the rotate and infections of HIV.The U.S is known to have all types of people inclusive of the bisexual and homosexuals. HIV prevale nce is known to be higher amongst the gay and sapphic groups and thus I am curious to know if these groups are adversely affected by the unfold of HIV. I was curious to see the selective information on HIV prevalence in the U.s and compare it to data from other places in the world.I already know that U.S has taken several steps in mitigating the spread of HIV. There are different organizations that have come in fighting against spread of HIV. I would standardized to find out how effective the steps that have been taken have been.

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