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Examine the roles of the witches in ‘Macbeth’ Essay

In the Elizabethan quantify, the passel believed in witches and witchcraft. They were described as ugly and evil. Nowadays the people would non believe in them. The people in the Elizabethan times would be very sc atomic number 18d of witches. This was equivalent to the people of immediately universe frightened about terrorists. The people purpose that they were powerful beings. They panorama that they would omit spells on them they thought that the witches were the ones that influenced the weather and besides someones personality.They were most likely to be old women with moles on their body. If the people wanted to find out if someone was a witch or not, they would tie the muliebrity onto a ducking stool and hence place them under the water for along time. If the people saw that the woman was dead they would definitely be relieved, as the woman would not be a witch. If the woman survived for a long time in the water then the people would take the woman out and then burn them or they would hang them. For people to be panicky by witches was very common. This was very nigh for William Shakespeare because then he could hire the play much more frightening. This would be equivalent to a curse film at present. at that place are three or four scenes in the book, which include the witches. In the off stripe the witches are just making plans about where to meet again. They say that they are going to meet Macbeth on top of the Heath. This scene is important because this is where the witches are telling the interview about where they are going to make the predictions. Another scene that involves the witches is when they are explaining the predictions to Macbeth and Banquo. The three predictions are Macbeth leave be Thane of CawdorAll speak to Macbeth, hail to thee Thane of CawdorHe will be kingAll hail Macbeth, that shalt be king here afterwardwardBanquos children will be king after(to Banquo) Thou shalt get kings, though thou be noneMacbeth is very surprised at this point because he says to himself,The Thane of Cawdor livesThese predictions are very important because they set the scene for the rest of the play. Further into the book, Macbeth kills King Duncan and Banquo. This happens because the predictions that witches made are coming true. Macbeth wants to know more selective information about the predictions, Stay you imperfect speakers, tell me moreThe witches are very important and play a very vital role in the story. They are the ones that made the predictions and they are also the ones that Macbeth needs counseling from. The witches would not be very realistic for a new-fangled audition because the people nowadays tangle witht believe in witches. In the Elizabethan times the scenes with the witches would be very terrifying and dire for the audience because the people of that time would believe in witches and thought that they were evil and possessed special powers. Nowadays, the audience because of good acting wo uld appreciate the people who would act as witches, and they would also sound off that the story was easy written. The audience would be as horrified with the apparitions as they would be with the scenes with the witches. A modern audience will find the scene very interesting.The two characters that meet the witches are Macbeth and Banquo. When they met the witches, both of them had different views about them. When Macbeth sees the witches he says,Speak if you can what are you?Macbeth believed in the predictions that the witches made and he took it very poorly. On the other submit Banquo takes it more lightly as it would not affect him, it would affect his children. The audience in the Elizabethan times would favour Macbeth more than Banquo as Macbeth takes the witches much more seriously. Nowadays, not many people would believe in witches and witchcraft and so would not believe in the spells and predictions. The people nowadays would favour Banquo. Banquo and the people of nowa days would agree that the predictions are not true. He has a dream and he starts to believe in the witches,To you they study showd some truthThis shows that Banquos views seem to change. Macbeth starts to take the witches much more seriously when he finds out that their predictions are coming true.There is a lot of dramatic impact in the play. The drama includes the battles in the beginning when the Norwegians try to take over Scotland the murders of king Duncan and Banquo the hallucination that Macbeth sees with the dagger, which is full of seam and it, is taking him towards killing king Duncan and the witches with their spells and the predictions. The witches are some of the most important characters in the play because they are the ones who cast the spells and also make the important predictions.The witches would make a dramatic impact on the stage. When the witches cast the spells then the audience would respond in a terrified manner. They would believe in what they see becaus e they believed that it was workable that witches existed and it reflected reality.During the Elizabethan times there would set out been a lot of limitations. For the battles they were missing sound effects and also the music had to played live or else of a recording the costumes were not very good when the witches require to vanish there was no smoke effect which would make it much more realistic, but they did fuck off a trap door the problem that there was while performing the part of the witches was that females were not allowed to play, so they had to be played by men the scenery was unsatisfactory and they did not have lights which meant that they had to perform during the day.An Elizabethan music director would portray the witches as being ugly and terrifying. The witches would probably wear masks that would have a mole on the face. They would try to make them look like old women because these are the kinds of people that the public thought were witches. The director wo uld try to make it realistic just to add dramatic impact.An Elizabethan audience would react in a different way compared to a modern audience. An Elizabethan audience would be terrified as this would be equivalent to a horror film nowadays. They would have thought of the witches as being symbols of evil.A modern director would have a bigger advantage when setting up the play. There would be a lot of facilities that the director could use. He could use the sound effects for the battles thunder and buoy up for when witches were casting a spell projection women would allowed to play which would make it much more realistic there would be better scenery they could use curtains at the end of the scene just to explain to the audience that the scene was over and also a modern director could use recorded music instead of having a live band. A modern director capability portray the witches the same way that the directors in the Elizabethan times would have except that the part of the witche s would be played by real characters. They might use special effects to show witches disappear.A modern audience would react differently after watching the play. They would not believe in witches because they know that it has been proven that witches dont exist. A modern audience would not react to the play as if it was a horror film but they would think of the play as being very good and interesting. They would watch it for entertainment and the special effects would have dramatic impact on the audience.The impact on the audience would change over the years. The people would not believe in it because they will know that it is proven that witches dont exist which is why the reply of the audience would change over time.There were a lot of differences between Elizabethan and modern interpretations of the witches. The director in the Elizabethan times would make the witches wear costumes, and they would try to make them scary for the audience. The audience in the Elizabethan time woul d be scared as they thought witches were real, whereas a modern audience would not think of it as a horror film but as an interesting story.

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