Monday, May 13, 2019

Child and Adolescent Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Child and Adolescent Psychology - Essay ExampleThe infancy period is of no exception to this rule.First of all, it is important to dispel any claim that the infancy period or the first course of instruction of child phylogenesis is insignificant and it wont make any difference at such a young age just because a baby, such as in the case of Tyree, leave behind be sleeping most of the time anyway. In Eriksons theory of psychosocial analysis, the first stage of ontogenesis focuses on the experiences of an infant in the culmination of what Erikson would term as Trust versus Mistrust. According to Santrock, this stage is characterized by a sense of trust that requires a feeling of physical comfort and a minimal hail of fear and apprehension about the future and indeed trust in infancy sets the stage for a lifelong expectation that the world will be a good and pleasant place to brave out in (2004).In relation to the physical needs of an infant, it is widely recognized that proximodi stal principle growth and development follow from the center of the body outward. During infancy and early childhood, the limbs continue to grow faster than the hands and feet and thus children first develop the ability to use their upper arms and legs (Papalia et al., 2007). With this kept in mind, it is best to exact Child Care A which have a lot of tunnels for crawling and resting. More tunnels mean much opportunities for exercise and as such this environment will be more conducive for Tyrees rank and fine motor coordination and skills.In relation to the cognitive needs of an infant, the cognitive ability to perceive and suitcase information is being influenced by the surroundings of an infant and this largely relates to their future intelligence. Much information-processing research with infants is establish on habituation, a type of learning in which repeated or continuous exposure to a stimulus reduces attention to that stimulus and As infants habituate, they transform the novel into the

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