Monday, May 6, 2019

Analyze love or power and control on two sheakesperean plays and Essay

Analyze love or king and crack on two sheakesperean plays and feminist literature, and feminist research - Essay Exampleian leash, Shakespeare openly created distaff personas to transcend soci eithery permitted female behaviors of the time and exposed female characters and their manipulations and power games they tried to play. All the heroines of his plays all have a deep trace of rebellion and some feminist views opposing male dominance and control.Seen from a feminist perspective Lady Macbeth was a strong-willed, intelligent woman, who was driven to consorting with devils because the male demons of her own culture prevent her from doing what men assumed by right. Her wish to shed her sexual identity, as seen through the restore me here line, reinforces desire for power and control in a male dominated world. Similarly Hermia rump be seen as a female who despite the penalty of death on disobedience rebels against the control of her father and the King so that she can choose h er own life partner.Macbeth Shakespeares Macbeth is a catastrophe where both the villains Macbeth and his Lady are also the tragic heroes of the play. A tragic hero is a character that the audience sympathizes with despite his/her actions that would indicate the contrary. Macbeth, in spite of his horrible murders, is a pitiable man. He suffered because he could not enjoy his royal status asfear, paranoia and sleeplessness plagued him.Similarly Lady Macbeth is also a tragic hero. Her early ambition and daring did not last long, and she soon deteriorates into a delusional, hapless somnambulist. She breaks tidy sum due to the strain of the crime. Macbeth and his wife are pitiable characters because the audience is able to follow their every intellection and action and can see the how their greed is followed by guilt and remorse.A Midsummer Nights Dream A Midsummer Nights Dream is a comedy in which Shakespeare shows many different kinds of love and marriage with the underlie theme o f male dominance and their womens rebellion against this control. Helena and Hermia flee into the woods on

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