Monday, April 22, 2019

Discuss the reasons that France was ripe for a Revolution in the years Essay

Discuss the reasons that France was ripe for a Revolution in the years leading up to 1789. Include a discussion of SieyesWhat is the 3rd Estate and the Cah - Essay spokespersonIt was under the motivation, guidance and inspiration of the bourgeois that the French revolution took place.There have been a serve up of debates and discussions as to what led to the French revolution. Critics vary in their analysis of the true cause behind the revolution. consort to Hunt (p 5), the middle-class intellectuals were the masterminds of the revolutionary plot as this particular social class was economically well-off, socially aware and educationally advanced. The bourgeoisies were against feudalism and absolutism and stood for democracy. Furet is of the opinion that angiotensin-converting enzyme of the many reasons of the French Revolution was a change in the mindset of people for a newer and liberal kind of political establishment. On one hand the increasing exploitation of the third Estate with the drainage of the royal treasury spent on mindless luxury of the nobility, levying heavy taxes on common people at whim and on the opposite the coming into sense and socio-economic status of the bourgeois were reasons for the mass outburst. Moreover, it was a revolution where women too played epoch-making roles as the social status of women was as good as nothing (Levy et al). There was a take up for the declaration of the rights of man that was behind the radical decision to storm Bastille in 1789 (Hunt et al p 653, Lualdi p 50-52). However, there was no attempt to reform the older policies to uplift the general scenario of the ailing land and its people.Joseph Sieyes has provided a vivid and detailed description of the function and potential of the third Estate thereby nullifying any fatality or presence of the other two Estates that of the King and the Church. He has defined his own class scheme that is not based on the paradoxical conceit of hierarchy but on an inn ovative concept of work sequence. According to him peasants should ideally belong to the first class because agriculture is the basis of any nation. next he puts the workers

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