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Aristotle Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Aristotle - Term newspaper ExampleOne of his biggest accomplishment as was the classification of knowledge into disciplines such as mathematics, biology and ethical motive (Iep).Aristotle is considered the father of the field of logic. He was the first person to develop a formalized system of debate. establish on Aristotles philosophy the validity of any argument can be determined by its structured rather than by its content. The scientific method was used by Aristotle in his reasoning arguments. Aristotle founded a school in Greece called Lyceum. He taught in this school for thirteen years where he developed his philosophic treatises. During his discourses Aristotle would always walk around. His followers imitated his walking around and as a consequence they became known as peripatetics which meant to walk about (Iep).The writings of Aristotle were held by his student Theophrastus. Eventually the writings were given to Theophrastus protg Neleus. Neleus saved the books from being stolen by keeping them locked in a vault. The dampness and moths of the vault damaged some of the books. The books were in hiding for over a century. Then in 100 B.C. they were discovered byApellicon who brought them to Athens. A a few(prenominal) decades later the books reach capital of Italy. It was in Rome that Aristotle literature caught the attention of scholars. The Aristotle writings studied in Rome are the same literature todays academic community is studying. The whole caboodle of Aristotle is classified into tierce categories dialogues and works of popular character, collections of fact and material from scientific treatment, and systematic works (Iep, 2005). One of Aristotle most notable writings is One the Polity of the Athens. The systematic treaties of Aristotle were group into five divisions which are logic, physical works, psychological works, works on human history, and philosophical works (Iep).The aim of Aristotle logical treatises was to develop a universal o f reasoning by it which it could be

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