Thursday, March 7, 2019

Yes Men Fix the World, Ethics of Protest and Bringing Issues to Light

AG401 Film Yes Men Fix the World, the Ethics of reject and Bringing Issues to Light 1. What ethical/moral/philosophical constructs are the activists operating(a) under with respect to their tactics in protest? The Yes Men white plague Utilitarian Ethics of Duty and district Consequentialism. With this mindset, they carry on pranks and hoaxes to break up the lies of large corporations and government activity. In the scheme of Duty-Based Ethics, people do the duty affair because it is the right thing to do. These large corporate giants do nothing all when absorb the toll on others misfortunes.An example of Duty-Ethics can be seen when Andy impersonates Jude Finisterra, a spokesperson for Dow Chemicals, being interviewed on BBC regarding the Bhopal legacy catastrophe of Union Carbide and its acerb gas leaks in India. He is quoted saying, this is the early time in taradiddle that a publicly owned company, of anything confining the size of Dow, has performed an process whi ch is significantly against its bottom line, simply because its the right thing to do. In scheme of Rule Consequentialism, it states that an action is morally right just because it is required by an optimific social rule relating back to Duty Ethics.With the motive under Rule Consequence, the Yes Men planned to set a course of actions which might trip come forth a reaction so that corporate giants and government whitethorn conform to such a social rule. As long as the pop outcome is of a happy ending for the public, Mike and Andy will pick out succeeded to de originate and affect society in ways that capital could not. To correct an action which harms society more than benefits it, sometimes ridiculing and exposing the negative aspects of it might be the only course for corrective action. 2. Do the tactics distract from the message or lend power to the message? On what ethical grounds?In theory, such pranks and hoaxes are supposed to create change as a result from negativ e publicity. This derives from Kantian Ethics, which actually goes against Consequentalism, kind of an oxy-moron. Although it is morally just, their actions do postulate negative consequences to certain parties. As far as video goes, their tactics seeed exact to work in their favor, and the Yes Men have as well as defied legal repercussions in every scenario. And by bringing such serious public issues into light, some objectives were achieved transmitting the power of voice towards the public, and conveying the theory of moral duty to the companies.However, their main purpose was not accomplished, and their tactics seem to have failed again in fact nothing significant was taken into consideration or changed by any of the targeted corporations, or even the government entities. For example, in the Catastrophic Loss Conference, Andy and Mike pose as representatives from Halliburton which they have claimed was the top company in extracting expediencys from a disaster. Halliburto n has made hundreds of millions of dollars moody the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and presently the Yes Men have arrived to presenting another invention called the SurvivaBall again to profit finish up some disaster.Their tactic was to create the biggest joke ever by making fun of stupid concepts with stupid ideas. And with something as simple as the SurvivaBall being so useless, it relates to the concept of Big Corporate making money off others misfortunes instead of solving the problems which lay before them the ironic part is that the SurvivaBall is actually more useful than what the government or companies like Halliburton have created for disasters. but to their shock when all was presented, their attempts of letting people know what sucked some letting voracity run our future, was instead greeted with business cards. . What about the moral philosophy of integrity enforcement in dealing with activists? If anything was taken from this documentary, it was that companies c annot learn to endure differently by themselves government has to manufacture rules to control them. To fix the world, it is going to take more than two guys, cheap suits, and fake websites it would take millions of people. When activists begin heavy(p) for change, law enforcement entities may only deal on legal exposit as there is a right to freedom of speech and to collaborate and petition the government.If no harm and damage or rioting is caused, law enforcement may only be there to prevent incidents. An example may be observed with over two dozen people eroding SurvivaBall costumes demonstrating in the East River where police shut down the demonstration for pretermit of a permit. Andy Bichlbaum was arrested on an outstanding parking ticket charge and a handful of others were served with summons and tickets for disorderly behavior and creating hazardous conditions. So they similarly tried this, attempting to cost HUD more money and put some out of jobs.They hope to expo se to the public by making a antic of an entity in able to stimulate a solution or action. But it never works. Mike Bonanno Andy Bichlbaum Duty-Based Ethics Jude Finisterra, faking as a spokesperson for Dow Chemicals regarding the Bhopal Legacy catastrophe of Union Barpide and its deadly gas leaks in India, quoted saying that this is the first time in history that a publicly owned company, of anything near the size of Dow, has performed an action which is significantly against its bottom line, simply because its the right thing to do. However it was hilarious that he noted they were going to scratch off $12 billion in assets to provide care and compensation to the victims and their families. Halliburton 1 company in extracting profits from a disaster. Made Hundreds of millions off Katrina, and now (name) and (name) are presenting the subsister Ball, to profit off a disaster. Biggest joke ever, of how to make fun of stupid ideas, well, with stupid ideas. For example, something so simple of a Survivor Ball is useless, also like the concept of making money off others misfortune instead of solving the problem.But the ironic part of this is that the survivor wind is actually more useful than what the government or companies like Halliburton have created solutions for disasters. But what their attempts of letting people know what sucked about letting greed run our future, but instead of freaking out, they just took their business cards. Companies cannot learn to behave differently by themselves, government has to make rules to control them. So they also tried this, attempting to cost HUD more money and put some out of jobs.

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