Monday, March 25, 2019

Prop. 36 The Real Truth :: essays research papers

trace 36The Real TruthAs you might already be assured there is a b altogetherot initiative on this upcoming Novembers election about medicines, and medicine treatment. This placard is called Proposition 36. If this measure were to pass, fix law would be changed, so that certain non-violent adult offenders who use or possess illegal drugs would receive drug treatment and supervision in the community, not prison house house. Right immediately California is ranked number one and only(a) in the nation for its rate of imprisonment for drug offenders. If Proposition 36 passes, California could become number one for its treatment for drug offenders. The measure also provides state funds to counties to operate the drug treatment programs. Additionally, studies take in shown that drug treatment is a far more effective than prison in reducing future criminal activity. Robert Roseman, a 51-year-old heroin pinch from Sacramento says, I was always able to get drugs in prisonall youre g oing to learn in prison is to do crime better. Stephen V. Manley, President of Drug Court Professionals says that,Proposition 36 doesnt provide court-supervised drug treatment. It ties the hands of judges, hurts legitimate treatment and effectively decriminalizes heroin, grouch and other illegal drugs. Drug courts hold drug abusers accountable with mending drug examen and consequences for failing treatment accountability not engraft in Proposition 36.Drug testing is a part of court-supervised drug treatment everywhere in California today, and it will continue to be under Proposition 36. There are no legal barriers to drug testing. Judges shtup and will order appropriate levels of testing of offenders located in treatment under the initiatives system Proposition 36 simply does not tie judges hands by prescribing a one-size-fits-all regimen for all offenders. A positive drug test can be tough as a violation of probation. Judges can also use up individual offenders to pay for their own drug testing, as they do now in the "drug court" system, if they can afford it. (The cost of a test can be $4 to $7 per test.) The fact is tens of millions of dollars in state and federal funds already go to drug testing of criminal offenders through the court system and probation system. If more money is needed, this can easily be appropriated from the hundreds of millions of dollars saved each year by this initiative. Proposition 36 merely requires that its monetary appropriation for treatment programs must go to providing treatment services, where the need is so great.

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