Monday, March 4, 2019

President’s Narrative Report (Infinite Minds Club)

downstairs the supervision of the monastic order moderator, Mr. Fhelmar I. Rondillas, the club has indulged herself to many activities that allow development and quislingism among the members and the officers. Infinite Minds Club eventually became a wholesome environment for everyone with the attend to of the different activities. The club has engaged into serial of activities/programs. First, it was held last June __ 2012. Students were obliged to pee different clubs with their own choice.As expected of what the club has to offer, a fare of students outgrew as they gathered to the clubs assigned place. Our club make-up included the elections of officers. Last June __ 2012, we had the induction of officers unitedly with the officers of the different organizations. Second, July __ 2012, we had our club meeting. Third, alarming __ 2012, we had our Environmental Rehabilitation/Mangrove Planting and revisit at Valderama, Sta. Felomina, Iligan City.The utter event was participa ted by some other clubs. The yearly MASCI quiz bee overly commenced at this month. Fourth, we had witnessed the launching of the Math and Science month. As one of the sponsors of the month, we had been into series of activities. We also had the 3rd Mother Ignacia Invitational Quiz Show together with the (sir, katung science club gali? Hahaha), Math teachers, and Science teachers and with the support of the administration.We also had the annual MASCI fair that was held at the Old chapel. A lot math associate and science related were exhibited and posted. Works from the different students of the different year levels were presented. Lastly, October 2012, we had a club meeting. The meeting opened its way for the possibilities of the upcoming Indigay. This school year, we did sponsored masses. Those were the activities that my club underwent and accomplished. With everybodys support and cooperation, everything was made possible.

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