Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Presentation of satire in Brave New World Essay -- essays research pap

Analyse the passage (John the cutthroat in the hospital) discern presentation of satire and how it is wrought. In undismayed stark naked cosmos Huxley is targeting consumer, materialistic attitudes that existed in his time (and still do today) and extrapolating, and then projecting them into the world that is the World State, to serve as a process of monition to society of the consequences of these attitudes. The passage in question is from Chapter XIV of Huxleys Brave New World, and more specifically features the incident in which the Savage, John, visits his destruction mother at a hospital, and subsequently instigates a riot because of soma, which he abhors.The drug, soma, in particular is emblematic in its pervasive influence into the World State, of the power of technology and ignorance is bliss outlook over science and its ideal as a search for truth. Soma is embraced by the mankind as a means of instant gratification, embodied by such hypnopaedic platitudes as One cub ic centimetre cures 10 gloomy sentiments or A gramme is always better than a damn, bore into the subconscious of the people, having heard the words repeated 150 times each night for 12 years. Christianity without tears is how Mustapha Mond describes soma, contrasting with the Savages view that the tears are necessary as displayed in the passage. The scratch satirical irony of the passage is that John is indeed referred to as a Savage, whereas the model of humanity shown by John stemming from Shakespeares presentatio...

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