Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A research paper Essay

A research paper needs to exhaust references written by scholars on the subject matter in identify be taken as an esteemed paper worthy to be used alike as reference by students and researchers alike in their quest for acquaintance. Hence, we find it hard to conceive a situation wherein a researcher is able to make a paper without the support of references and books on the topic the researcher chooses. If a research is resourceful, there atomic number 18 some other ways to find and get the necessary information and data to finish a particular research paper. Current literature is non the best reference al unitary.In fact, in lieu to this, interviewing certain individuals or groups of people is a good alternative. One gets first-hand information from persons knowledgeable on the particular topic of his/her study. These persons who are sources of information could steer your way to a fault to other sources of data which are not found in libraries and stream literature. They ma y give you age-old documents, things which might be of value to your research. other alternative to derive data is to for the researcher to make or set up his/her own experiments.The information from the experiment could contribute new knowledge to a particular field of study. One gains information also from conversing with other researchers, scholars, and instructors. Still another alternative is to do on-site research wherein one visits the place of inquiry and gather samples therein. One can distribute questionnaires also to gather information. The possibilities and modes of gathering data are limitless. One has to be unflinching to find these alternative ways of doing research. In doing so, a researcher adds much(prenominal) needed knowledge to the world in order for humanity to supercharge further.

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