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Wanda Why Aren’t You Dead

Tiffany Anderson Dr. Zubeck English 110 Wanda Why Arent You Dead A poem is a composition of randy language or flavour artists incorporate into their form of art. Poetry can be extremely emotional coming from the artist. The poem Wanda Why Arent You Dead by Wanda Coleman focuses on an African American woman who is degraded and belittled by the people she associates with. It shows fair how damaging wrangle can truly be when used to blemish a person. Wanda Why Arent You Dead is ab protrude Wandas struggling with the people just ab erupt her and their stinging opinions about her, however maintaining her identity and becoming stronger by the block of the poem. Wanda, cosmos a poet, expresses her pure t iodinings into this poem and does a phenomenal job at it. It all(prenominal)ows the readers to feel what the protagonist feels and sh ar in her sadness. Colemans protagonist undergoes internal date within herself due to the bullying she experiences from others. They batter her n ame around and disdain her constantly, shown by the repetition of the name Wanda.The voices in the poem point out her imperfections, annoy her, support her insecurities, and antagonize her in any way they can. Wanda has no good features, according to the busybodies in the poem. Wanda is scrutinized for her appearance and any other discernible aspect she has. The meddlers ask her constantly why she does or does not verbalism a certain way. For example, one(a) says, why dont you lose weight (5) era another says, how come your feet are so goddamn big (7). These smallish insults amplify as the poem progresses.They become more malicious and cruel. She relives these insalubrious judgements recurrently throughout the poem. Throughout the poem, Wanda is told numerous hurtful and malicious things about herself. Wanda has been verbally and probably physically abused on more than one occasion. The questions they ask her are not actually questions, they are verbal attacks. The tormentors do not want an answer, they solely wish to hurt Wanda. They question who she is, her appearance, her well-being, and tear down her existence.Her tormentors stereotype her for being color, they include her in the fabrication that all colour women behave the same and are alike. One example, what is it like being black (10) questions her identity as a black woman, as if she can chat on behalf of the entire race. The insults poke at her continuously throughout the poem. They default her family, personality, her intellect, and her integrity. These harsh statements do not affect not what Wanda believes about herself. They are the voices of people who jockey her that are saying what they think about her.But, she trounce herself up with the harsh memories of the comments made towards her. The meddlers could be anyone in her community fri cans, family, make up strangers. They pick out any visible flaw about her and play a joke on it in her face. They feed her insecurities and add o n to them. The readers can tied(p) feel pity towards Wanda because she is being brought down. Camille Paglia, a literary critic, touches this topic of Wanda conquering all over the abuse she endures in her analysis of the poem, stating The wonder is that she survives and thrives (8. ) due to the fact that one of Wandas meddlers asks her, i wonder / why aint you dead (28-29). She fights off all of their with child(p) judgments on her and she remains her own person. They ask Wanda more than once during the poem why she is so angry and defensive. One tormentor states, wanda youre ALWAYS on the attack (25). Wanda is defensive to protect herself from any damage their harsh words could inflict on her. All the annoyances and comments throughout the poem do not matter to her anymore the reader of this poem can tell as the tone and language changes in the poem right at the ending.The poem turns from its attacking tone to a more apologetic. One line, wanda I didnt know I was hurting you / that was an accident (18-19) shows that at some point soulfulness began to see they were hurting wanda and felt remorse for it. Camille Paglias analysis of the poem points out specific details about Wanda. She points out Wandas lifestyle and other aspects of her was well. Paglia gives her trip up of the meddlers and their intentions of the mean comments they make towards Wanda. She says that wanda is an individual(a) pitted against the tyranny of the group (4. ). Wanda is an individual who is being attacked and pointed out by others. She is continuously judged because of her outer appearance and even her preference of men. Paglia also mentions Wandas reaction to her bullies. Instead of Wanda breaking and consuming herself in all the vulgar things said to her, she regains control and maintains her individuality. In her analysis of the poem, she states, when the bruise can be said, reality seems less harsh. Wanda overlooks and disregards all the comments thrown at her and stays h erself regardless.Wanda revolts from her tormentors harsh views of her and proves them abuse, however she remains the same by the end of the poem showing she refuses to change to please anyone. Once Wanda makes it clear she is contend back at the statements said to her, it sets a different tone in the poem. The poem now shows that Wanda has won victory over her bullies and becomes a stronger woman. She is in the long run her own person who does not listen to what people say about her. By the end of the poem, Wanda is her own person and comes out on top. She proves her tormentors wrong and does not change.She does not believe she is any of the things said about her. She does not want to be molded into any of the things suggested to her, she would rather disregard the harsh judgements and be her own woman. The statement, why aint you dead (27) clearly shows that the poet is still alive, she has survived all the criticism and hurt. But, she is stronger than she was before which leav es the tormentors wondering how she has done it. Wanda gives the poem life by disregarding and looking over the criticism thrown at her and being her own person, despite the meddlers attempts to break her.

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